Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide, although mecanically inferior to boron carbide in terms of hardness, also has a wide variety of usage area. It is generally used as:

  • Nonferrous metallurgy, machinery and automobile industry material

  • Aeronautics and electronic industry material

  • Body and vehicle (air & land) armor material

  • Raw material for ceramic, electrothermic, chemical and biomedical industry products

General application of silicon carbide powders in some areas are as below:

Ceramics: Technical ceramics such as nozzles, plates etc. can be formed by sintering SiC powders. Use F100 – F2000 grade range (FEPA 42-1:2006) SiC powder with >92% purity

Sand blasting: For blasting of hard surfaces, use F20 – F100 grade range (FEPA 42-1:2006) SiC powder with 90-94% purity